Westbound Journey



Globetrotters, backpackers, nomads, and gypsies, get swept away with the fantastic dream of a van-life vacation with no set end date. Explore city after city, traversing its very streets from the comfort of your makeshift home. For many, the waterfronts and staple skylines of these destinations may only be a mental vision as of yet. Bring the monument-lined horizons to life in a real way, with a style that will carry your imagination to faraway places on the regular.

Size Length Chest
XS 27 31 – 34
S 28 34 – 37
M 29 38 – 41
L 30 42 – 45
XL 31 46 – 49
2XL 32 50 – 53
3XL 33 54 – 57
4XL 34 58 – 61

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However, we’re getting faster, and we are now often averaging closer to 5 days.